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A Fanfic

Phoenix Rising
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Hanson/30STM/Harry Potter crossover fanfiction. We're shipping Jared/Taylor here. :)
This is the home of the Sonorus fanfic 'verse. It was started by so_jayded and sugarcane_moon on a whim, and it grew into...well...this.

Though all the stories on Sonorus follow a timeline and should be read in order from first to last, they are split into disctinctive arcs. These arcs are (so far!):

The Prison Melodies Arc - A Death Eater attack on a Starbucks in London leaves Taylor Hanson at the mercy of his captors. As Draco Malfoy takes what he wants, Jared Leto struggles with ghosts of his past as he rushes to rescue a past lover.

The Seventh Day Arc - Peace comes in war, but it does not last long - our heroes relish it while it's theirs.

The Phoenix Rising Arc - A message of a trapped prisoner sends the Order of the Phoenix back to Malfoy Manor. They find more than they bargained for.
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